About OpusEmpowered!

OpusEmpowered! is a GardenOpus Company, owned and operated by Robert F. Gabella.

Do you feel some tasks are more difficult than they need to be?  Are there critical business processes such as inventory or customer management that have spun out of control?  Do you have existing technology that you've rapidly come to outgrow?  Do you have systems in place that do not adequately share information or "play nice in the sandbox" together?

If so, there may be a way OpusEmpowered! can help.  I speak your language, with experience in Specialty Retail, Wholesale, Brokerage and Professional Services consulting as well as over two decades of experience in the Green Industry.  My education includes degrees in Business Management, Ornamental Horticulture and a recently completed MLD - Master's in Leadership Studies which combines the core and quantitative elements of the MBA - Marketing with the theoretical, statregic and capstone elements of the MLD. I have a legacy of Business Empowerment and Project Management accomplishments for retail, wholesale, service and technology firms in both the green industry and other vertical markets..

What Time Is The Right Time?

I feel there a never a "wrong" time to talk about technology, though your busiest seasons are often the most awkward times to try to implement it and learn new processes. 

Whatever your industry, and whatever your busiest season, now is definitely one of those "right" times:  a time to pause and reflect upon both successes and challenges, and to plan for important changes as you empower your business for the future. 

Feel tree to contact me by phone or email if you would like to talk a bit about the "t-word" - or to ask how I've helped empower companies just like yours!