As a technical implementation, sales and support specialist employed for 6 years with a Microsoft Partner firm and B2B consultant, and now as Opus Empowered! completes its fifth year of service, I have worked closely with a wide range of Green Industry operations in addition to Liquor and Specialty Retail clients.

Consulting & Training

Business Consulting and Requirements Analysis

I have the skills, background, education and resources to evaluate your Specialty Retail, Wholesale or Horticultural business from a holistic, project managerial perspective, and then to incorporate the latest techniques to help you and your key personnel make the most of your business practices and opportunities through better understanding, better planning, and the best and most efficient use of today's enhanced technologies.

From a more efficient and productive work flow; to a more thorough understanding of the role human resources and the workplace environment play in the small to medium sized firm; to the competitive environment and your company's role in the mix; to the mission critical areas of Business Rules, Inventory Management Customer Relationship Management, Database Migration and Maintenance, Reporting, and Analytics; you and your team deserve to work as effectively as possible. 

I will evaluate not only your existing rules, work flow and processes, but also the current state of your Information Technology Resources including hardware, software, and related tools and procedures.  I've seen what works and I've seen what fails in a variety of different situations. I've felt much of the same pain you may be feeling right now.  So together, with you and your key team members, we will develop a scalable action plan to ensure your future success and agility in today's highly competitive environment.

RMS CC Swipe     MC9090

Specialized Software and Hardware Installation, Configuration, and Training

From Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations (above left) and RMS Headquarters; to Mobile Inventory Management systems empowered by New West Technology's Mobile Suite software and Motorola's amazing handheld mobile computers (such as the gun-style MC 9090 above right) which can send inventory data in real time; to the additional servers, networks, specialized workstations, software and accessories to support these systems, your operation can now integrate once-disconnected processes in more ways than ever before! 

OpusEmpowered!  Means Business Agility